Thongs for little girls…

May 21, 2008

…and not the ones they wear on their feet.

Girl’s should be able to wear thong panties, no matter the age. Right? Clothing companies think so, one being Abercrombie & Fitch. A few years age A&F sold a line of thong panties designed and marketed for the Tween Set, girl’s between the ages of seven and twelve. They were stylish and trendy coming in such colors as blues and pinks. They also had “Wink Wink” and “Eye Candy” on them as well. Everything a young girl likes and wants, Right?

In the countries of South America such as Brazil, it not uncommon to see thong wearing little girls enjoying a day in the sun with family and friends. Some as young as four or five years old can be seen playing on the beach building sandcastles in nothing more then thong bikini bottoms, loosing their tops back at the towel.

You have mother’s who take their daughter to stores like Victoria’s Secret. They’ll buy themselves something sexy and not hesitate buying their little girl something just as equally sexy. May not be able to fill out a bra yet but they have something that’s silky and small and fit’s the tween girl just right.

So again should girls be able to wear them? Yes, why not is my answer. You go to any mall and see girls as young as nine or ten with low-rise jeans, sporting thong panties which peek out above their tight jeans. They go to the beach or pool and if they don’t wear a thong bikini can be seen pulling the bottoms up between their butt cheeks for the same effect.

Call it sexualizing our children or what you will, as mentioned in my introduction I’m going along with this notion. That today’s society and social norms children should be able to partake in adult fashions, trends and activities. Blame whomever you want, it’s a loosing battle. As far as I’m concerned, as soon as they’re out of diapers, give them a thong…


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